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Protecting The Parental Rights Of Mothers And Fathers

The path to custody can be challenging and, at times, discouraging. The legitimation process in Georgia – that is, the process of pursuing custody after you’ve established paternity – may cause even more confusion. Legitimation is more than just a legal term; it’s a vital step to forge a lasting bond with your child.

I am Villa Rica native Anna Perry, a dedicated attorney who understands the complexities of state custody laws. Georgia gives sole custody to the mother when a child is born out of wedlock unless the father signs a voluntary acknowledgement of paternity around the child’s time of birth.

At Anna Perry Law, I am committed to helping fathers make legitimation claims and assisting mothers in challenging these claims. As an experienced lawyer, I will take the legal steps necessary to establish and protect your parental rights.

What Is The Difference Between Paternity And Legitimation?

Though often confused, the terms “paternity” and “legitimation” in Georgia are different. Paternity is the process of establishing a child’s biological father, typically through DNA testing. However, paternity alone does not grant an unmarried father parental rights.

Legitimation is necessary to form a father-child relationship that the law recognizes. It’s the path to getting custody, parenting time and visitation rights. It can happen at the same time or after establishing paternity. Legitimation is also crucial for your child’s inheritance rights.

Defending Mothers Against Legitimation Claims

Facing a legitimation case and understanding how the Georgia laws apply can be challenging. A legitimation claim involves a biological father’s effort to claim legal rights to their child. If you don’t agree with the legitimation, I can help you oppose it. I will advocate for you in and out of court to ensure that your voice and side is heard and understood by the courts and judges. I will fight to protect your rights and what’s best for your child.

Requirements For Child Legitimation In Georgia

If you’re a father, the journey begins by filing a petition in the superior court in the county where your child’s biological mother lives. As an attorney with over a decade of experience in custody matters, I can guide you through each step of this process.

From preparing the necessary documents to representing you in court, I will work to ensure that your case is presented clearly and effectively. I have the knowledge to defend your rights if the biological mother challenges your petition.

With my help, you can navigate the legal pathways to legitimize the relationship with your child. My goal is to secure the recognition and rights you deserve.

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